Saturday, March 17, 2007

Praying for Dawn

:: dawn wicca in thimphu
with anzir, one of mom's students
and the family vehicle ::

Dawn slipped away quietly, seeming to nudge me awake as she went, as I was slumbering nearby, with other family. I was the first to see that her breath was gone, then awakened Sam, then we awakened the girls.

Friends arrived and we carried out Dawn's final wishes, using a shroud in a somewhat Jewish design pattern, other icons and symbols. She wanted to die at home in our living room among us.

Here was my email to her healing circle:
Greetings Friends --

Dawn died quietly and peacefully in her sleep tonight, around 12:45 AM, surrounded by family. After a few friends arrived we surrounded her with mementos and symbols of her practice and faith (drum, double dorji, a bead necklace made by her dear friends), then wrapped her in a shroud contributed by Carolyn.

Elizabeth sprinkled some holy water on her body, from the holy wells they'd visited in Ireland.

I feel in a position to send you her deepest personal thank yous for all your love and support these last few days and weeks.

A memorial service is planned probably for early April. Please watch for another email with more details. We will all miss her very much, although she will still be with each one of us in our hearts.

We haven't set a memorial date yet, and until we do, I won't be submitting anything to The Oregonian.

I continue keeping a vigil, firing up several altars with one of the little icons (a little dead pirate guy) representing me, and moving from station to station.

from The Oregonian, pg. D6, 2007.3.24