Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Human Subjects

My information on Body Worlds 3 @ OMSI is this is not the same exhibit I saw in both London and Seattle, which had a somewhat straight laced medical theme, but the more arty version, such as I glimpsed in Miami in the latest 007 movie, Casino Royale.

So is this exhibit symptomatic of an horrific, pathological culture that has no sensitivity regarding human dignity and/or the sanctity of human life? Some people think so, or are at least strongly suspicious in this regard.

On the other hand, per Da Vinci's notebooks, other art of the Italian Renaissance, admiration for nature, as opposed to disdain for creation as "fallen" and/or "sinful" might be what's going on.

Above is the human figure in an heroic pose, somewhat in the style of socialist realism, but in this case with with a touch of surrealism and/or symbolism too, as he's griping a large snake.

Such commemorative displays serve to acknowledge personality traits we feel deserve to be celebrated, such as bravery and loyalty.

We also display the human figure in department stores, usually with slender torsos and long necks.

Some would consider all of the above forms of idolotry, a practice associated with dolls, statues, relics, puppets and animations, imbuing them with a misplaced sacred significance.

One could argue that the practice of shunning dolls as idolotrous is in itself idolotrous, in that it attaches too much unholy significance to them.

Per usual, it takes one to know one where sinners are concerned.

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