Friday, March 23, 2007

Meeting Minutes

Thanks Ken, for chronicling my wife's passing on Synergeo (#33127). We have so many partially overlapping communities in life, and in death also. For those of you entirely unfamiliar with my wife's story, and also for her friends, I tried to give a sense of it in Grain of Sand.

Per a posting to Synergeo just prior to yours (#33125), I'm seeing mental arithmetic getting a new partner in arms: mental geometry. Our students need both kinds of training, and computers will help. I'm thinking lexical and graphical, times tables and hypertoons.

Dawn ran a tight ship around here, a business as much as a household. She and I were business partners for years before we got married, and our Dawn Wicca and Associates will persist as a business. She just paid Dick Hannah today, for extending the life of our Razz, per the post below. A factory new clutch was transplanted into the vehicle. These Subaru Legacy models are meant to last well into the hundreds of thousands, with proper care and feeding.

I had a good talk with DeeKay this evening about Steve Baer's dissection of the enneacontahedron, into A thru E modules, hexahedral zonohedra, one of 'em almost flat. He's got 'em all done in Zome these days and ratioed to the phi-scaled T modules, per his trademark "language game" (Wittgenstein). He especially likes how the Baer B module gets composed.

Koski has already registered but hasn't gotten around to hosting it yet. All in good time. It's not like he hasn't been sharing his information.

S. Baer's Zonohedra in Zome, by Koski
Top: B, E - Bottom: D, C, A