Thursday, March 30, 2017

Media Bias

Here's from my Facebook timeline, posted recently:
Al Jazeera was eventually accepted, after Rumsfeld singled it out and some of its journalists were murdered in cold blood. The documentary Control Room is all about that episode.

RT right off the bat featured a lot of Americans, some of them familiar, such as Thom Hartmann, a veteran of Air America, author of Unequal Protection, about how the 14th Amendment was used to finagle Corporate Personhood (if blacks aren't real people, but might become so, then so may our artificial persons become real as well, only fair (whitey is so forked tongue it's hilarious)). Jesse Ventura. Interesting characters.

Instead of giving Russia credit for adding in a positive way to our media culture, the six corporate media companies decided to circle the wagons and say "we define American culture, not Russians, no way" after which we entered into a Gangland Spy World episode of oligarchs against oligarchs, nation-states trampled under foot. Hard to go back now. We see it's all billionaire cabals with their politico puppets, so now what? Are we still supposed to hate RT?

Forgive me for hating CNN so much but all that build-up to inevitable shock and awe against Baghdad was just so nerve-grating. I've hated that network ever since, and will continue to do so. Remember, Jon Stewart was disappointed in CNN too. Then the Dems got all cozy with 'em. Because RT is so much better?
Clearly that's a rant, and likely some CNN of the future might be the bee's knees in my book. What got me going were these massive protests in Yemen, regarding the ongoing attacks and blockade, and the helplessness of civilians to do anything about weapons sales to all factions (one of the older stories on this planet).
Not finding any CNN coverage yet. I think RT is waaay more informative than CNN. So much more intelligent debate & dialog. US corporate media is just not edgy or cool anymore. The less of it I watch, the smarter I get.