Sunday, December 06, 2009

Portland Notes

Octet Truss
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As ISEPP board member, I sometimes learn more about Terry's business, such as when I help take inventory of the many valuable tapes. The gold mine in the basement (books, Allen Taylor mags) was to service the scientific cafe, in one scenario, switching a tenant within the same block maybe (there's already a working coffee shop).

I offered to Terry at ONAMI that I could talk to Jody about the real estate, just for bouncing off purposes (she knows that stuff), but maybe he's not looking for that kind of feedback. The New Seasons across the street and down the block a piece, has broken ground on new digs.

Then it was off to Laughing Horse where I sat opposite a dog in the antechamber, west of the desk, reading Lewis Lapham's Theater of War. I went straight to the index, per usual, always the skeptic that Bucky Fuller would be mentioned (but if this is recent USA history, at all serious-minded, then how could it bleep over Bucky?) and there he was, page 185 I think. Other parts of the book were good too. He's an interesting writer (editor of Harper's) and I'm highly tempted to buy the tome.

Anyway, the Collective likes what Lindsey and Julia are doing with the Sleeping Bag Fundraisers. We went to Andy & Bax later and counted out six bags (intermediate, military grade), having twice as much money as last time thanks to PayPal donations (yes, we keep names).

Taking Inventory

The deal maker wasn't on the premises though, plus the Red Door is closed until Monday (our target disbursement point, unless Laughing Horse chooses to take more control -- Lindsey used my phone to check with Julia on her thoughts).

The anti-WTO (aka Free Trade) demonstration was lively they tell me. I'll be interested to see the quality and tone of whatever journalistic coverage.

Although we missed the event itself, we took the company car, Glenn and Amber joining us, and crashed the After Party on SE Belmont. Actually, Lindsey was present by invitation, to give the wrap up performance. After playing around with the sound system, she chose to go unamped. This was a boomer set wanting to hear itself talk, with lots of movers and shakers in the labor movement. I thought we blended in well though, and I'm happy about the pictures.