Friday, December 18, 2009

Solstice Party

This is one of those grand finale type events with characters from all previous chapters making an appearance, taking a bow. I'm privileged to be among this crowd. Lew Frederick is a legislator now.

I descended upon this gray flock having departed Red & Black after Lindsey's set. A packed house of young people, me more the token boomer, tap tapping away without wifi, writing something for the Wittgenstein list.

Terry said I'm supposed to look over some tax thing. I'm no Dawn Wicca though, won't make head or tail. Where's the new API? We need new from-scratch versions of NGO, crafted for a computer age. Could ISEPP be a prototype. 4D?

Jon Bunce played a great gig, with Tina, orchestra quality. Don sang us a number too, strong and in tune. I'll remember this fondly. I don't have much expectation it'll happen again like this. We've had a great run.

Happy Solstice.

We do have a yule tree lit, plastic. Cooked lentils today. I'll let ya get back to it.