Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Music for Homeless

:: sleeping bag fundraiser 2 ::

A number of those drifting through here have been sleeping outside lately. Given the dropping temperatures, that can be hard, although Dorian with the tarp and down comforter claimed he was snug. There's no heat in this book store (we're saving on funds). A lot of us are scattered on the floor. I'm in an armchair, patched in to wifi.

Lindsey, going first, has just finished her set. The original plan was to set up her equipment early, then join with activists in front of the Federal Building downtown. However, upon removing the keyboard from the trunk, an E key got bent and stopped making a sound, necessitating about three hours of improvised surgery with a Phillips screwdriver. Fortunately, the problem was reparable. Lindsey was cool under pressure, dissecting and reassembling her instrument methodically.

We've now been plunged into darkness as our second musician, Joel (City Harvest Black), cranks up his weird sounds and visuals (he's got a 16mm projector and a shot out looking film). He reminds me of Gadgetto somewhat, also NegativLand.

Seth Martin, talkative, sleep deprived, recovering from an illness, is playing a banjo, rather well I'm thinking. He was in Palestine this summer, has a rap about the role of traditional music in oppressive times. Now he's on guitar. Folk songs, somewhat tongue in cheek, poking fun at head-in-the-sand cocooners. He credits an anarcho-primitivist Quaker for the song about the prophet Amos. Query: what is it you're for, never mind what you're against. Erin Eichenberger, newly with Muddy's, followed up with some sweet guitar originals.

Nahko is a good singer and guitar player, relaxed and mellow, likes using the Bose (Lindsey's sound system). He and Seth often share the stage.

Whatever money we raise at the door goes to buy sleeping bags for the homeless, like last time.

Lindsey and Julia, both members of the Collective, are handling the organizing and promotion. James did the poster again. No one is getting paid. We're having fun though, even though it's cold.

New Sleeping Bag Poster 11x17 Color