Sunday, April 26, 2009

Testing Jackalope

tutorial on gSculpt by Geoffrey French
running on mplayer in compiz cube

The screen flicker in my case maybe wasn't due to wifi and AC power concerns in the nVidia driver, but a wrong setting in the X Server settings. I'm still looking into it. At the moment, the problem seems resolved. I upgraded through Intrepid Ibex yesterday, from Hardy Heron, stopping only long enough to fix a few things. I figure my OS Bridge presentation should be state of the art.
The media has needed to see more dots connected to be able to omni- triangulate the story more clearly. Who has been resisting the design science revolution and why? Translating to FOSS terms, GNU/Linux has come out on top, but still needs to propagate. There's a lot of romance in the lore, epic sagas, that we need to keep telling (and we do). The "Bucky file" (B-File, like an X-File) adds a tremendous number of puzzle pieces, to where our geek culture is now "ready to roll". I don't think as many journalists will get side-tracked into the "Bucky as Britney" genre this time, i.e. all that "poor slob Bucky" talk is too squaresville, to qyoobist, for many readers to care anymore. He was an average joe who committed his life to healing the world, like any good medical doctor engineer. (March 7, 2009, Synergetics for Yahoos i.e. Synergeo).
testing OpenOffice, from GIS in Action slides