Sunday, January 04, 2009

Topical Writing

Here are some quotes of the day, somewhat punchy, culled from my higher than average output (hyperlinks added, fixed a typo).

I'm also working on a bid, other proposals, steering my small business in choppy waters, helped Tara with homework, cleaned the refrigerator, uploaded to Photostream.

To Wanderers:
...Put another way, just because we don't believe in Santa Claus doesn't mean we have to stop watching coyote cartoons, or making them, sharing them with progeny -- "selfish memes" at work, you might say, and you'd be right (but "selfish" in a way that asks no apology -- great ideas are meant to stick around, a truism and a good one).
To Quakers:
I side with those using "originals versus illegals" as in the current political climate it helps to lump everyone together who doesn't have special rights to declare sovereignty independently of the USA, just because of Euro descent or whatever.

Those elite few within the USA with special sovereignty status (and perhaps extra freedom to sell July 4 fireworks) get special bragging rights as "originals" whereas "the illegals" are doing all this finger pointing about who has the right "documents", can't get their own laws figured out, build huge fences, bridges to nowhere, other boondoggles (very backward and uncivilized, probably owing to rotted brain matter from bad food in supersized portions (a leading theory anyway))...

For those unfamiliar with American Transcendentalism, it owes a lot to Fuller's great aunt Margaret, also Marilyn Ferguson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, plus some Swedish folk like Emilia Fogelklou, who trace back to Whitman (more a Unitarian but those ties are real, with Unity and New Thought also these days, including in Portland (Yoko Ono also a powerful influence, whether or not Quaker, in terms of her highly developed, non-violent, psywar abilities (psywar as in सत्याग्रह satyāgraha -- sorry if the Sanskrit didn't work in your browser)).

"Originals versus Illegals" also good for AFSC work (dovetales with "no human being is illegal" -- but then if you insist...).

Here's a free school supply, helpful when teaching programming to Quakers (a "rich data structure") in the context of learning American history (all about programming, of one kind or another (these days TV and Web programming)):

In terms of Genesis being our creation myth (as Quakers) the operative word here is "myth" i.e. "fairy tale" though of deep import maybe (cosmogenetic tales often contain core dharmas, teachings, helping progeny navigate in a difficult, wild world).
To Synergeo:
No one wants to be made fun of. The perception of this being some kind of circus with odd types of clown, made it all that much harder for the more straight-laced to buckle down and find a foothold. Buckminsterfullerene was their ticket, but still didn't connect them to the volumes hierarchy, still forbidden territory in terms of sharing with high school kids, at least in the lower 48 (an allusion to USA politics, start of 2009)...

Again, the professoriate isn't eager to appear gullible, so runs screaming from any -24, -20, -6, -4, -3, -2.5, -1, 0, 1, 2.5, 3, 4, 6, 20, 24 bow-tie-with-jitterbug, not wanting to get caught in some trap, never mind there's nothing really wrong with the math and running away screaming doesn't necessarily improve one's reputation either. Probably better would've been to take the bull by the horns when Bucky was still with us. Now it's too late for that, although not for the material (these polyhedra ain't goin' anywhere).