Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wanderers 2008.4.15

Our conversation seemed quite disjointed, like broken pottery shards, focusing a lot on currency exchange rates, airlines, and proposed solutions to various "big problems" like "illegal immigration."

As a Fuller Schooler, my bias is to accept that each individual gets the same generic freedoms of movement vis-a-vis our in-common planetary ecosystem. Of course any given community (Catalina comes to mind) may post no vacancy signs. We still encounter barriers, gatekeepers, locked doors and so on.

As a futurist, I tend to use a global university metaphor, bordering on hospital (so call it a teaching hospital), then seek solutions in those terms. And don't call the Earthian economy a "closed system" as our main energy source is a star.

I distributed one copy of Pythonic Quaker, my new DVD.