Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pizza Night

This was finals week and Tara's been studying hard. She and Rose well deserve this Papa Murphy's cheese pizza and Buffy Sixth Season I just went and got, also cookie dough, more for me (had a craving, might be pregnant?).

I'm gratified and honored we're getting a top UK mathematician for Pycon, good news in my inbox today. We've been going back and forth about early math education issues, with Stanford a third vertex, making a triangle (except if you're seeing it, then that's another point, so a tetrahedron then -- Bucky to Plato: don't forget that observer, important in physics).

I need to go present about the concentric hierarchy (of polyhedra) to Wanderers again, having pounded the bar with my fist, making my Guinness jump. My marketing skills aren't always top notch. Maybe try that Captain Grunch angle again?

A real Westinghouse would have the right puppets by now, cleared by the censors to talk like a pirate, say "triacontahedron" or whatever the bleep.

Kodak is laying off, when it should have been updating the pavilion at Epcot all this time. Conspiring to not have a future never made any sense.

How's Tom Connolly doing I wonder. Tom, if you're out there, I have your Alone in the Wilderness right here on my desk. Bob McGown, wondering after you too.