Thursday, January 08, 2009

Flaky Flickr

I'm adding a new Synergetics set, an assortment of useful images, however the API is fighting me. Here's what I'm getting:

Could be we're underpowered in the back office? I've heard of that happening (smile). I logged the service interruption in Facebook as well.

Google's new video chat service worked well for me last night -- completely my fault the microphone wasn't working.

"How many energy slaves does it take to screw in a light bulb?" An "energy slave" is like a robot work horse from the old science fiction stories, or from those movies about Pharohs, where casts of thousands build a pyramid or whatever.

Thanks to automation, we're each empowered to build pyramids of a kind, even if mostly in cyberspace. All those server farms and SQL engines represent thousands of clerics, scribes, scholars, maintaining your family albums, your blogs, way better service than kings and queens of old could afford, plus now it's world readable.

People ask me why "world readable" is important, as obviously no one has time to track millions and billions of blogs.

But "world readable" just means accessible from any airport or wifi cafe, so someone near and dear, on a trip, visiting a work site, might check in from time to time, and vice versa. Yes, this could be done more privately (and often is, by me as well), but there's also self marketing and being accountable for one's time, coordinating the enterprise.

Fuller had the right idea in chosing to maintain a semi-public profile even before Facebook. He was ahead of his time. Hey, they weren't as smart about polyhedra back then either.

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