Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wanderers 2007.8.15

We entitled this meeting At the Edge of Chaos, an allusion to a fun book by that name which suggests optimal computing conditions occur in this sweet spot just on the edge of a phase change. A Santa Fe Institute kind of thing.

I arrived over an hour into the action, with the tux droid in my charge. Bill made it flap and spin.

Crunchy also asked to become a Wanderer. We may not be ready to cross that bridge yet.

David Feinstein showed up at our meeting's conclusion, to further discuss computer-assisted decision-making, a dynamic process that in no way leaves everything to automation.

Yes, it might be abused as a crutch, but on the other hand his framework comes with a lot of time-saving built in intelligence, which could be a boon, especially if there's a lot riding on the outcome.

Part of his tool's effectiveness depends on judges understanding the logic behind it and buying in to the process as a result. Deliberate obfuscation is not part of the plan. However, David is still looking for more field testing opportunities, as any good designer would for his prototypes.

Future funding might give judges better hand held devices than text messaging cell phones, but one does what one can, with the resources available.