Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summarizing Synergetics

2*P*F**2 + 2 (in Python) is a bridge twixt lexical and graphical, with the multiplicative coefficient symbolizing the duality of concave/convex, and the additive two symbolizing axial spinnability. P controls details of shape, is a product of primes. F is a relative time-sizing parameter, with its 2nd power denoting surface area, pixel density or whatever.

The M/P is part of an "above/below the line" motif, as is 4D/4D++. In each case, "above" is outside of time the way XYZ is, before we add a time variable. "Below" is the realm of Heraclitus, always changing (full of energy). U (Universe) is a synergy of both.

There's a tension between fourness and fiveness, with the former symbolizing both open-mindedness (cuboctahedron) and a closed system (tetrahedron), the latter a self-centered rationality in rebellion (icosahedron). Something like that i.e. we don't actively defend against Jungian type readings, the way some of the more literal-minded self-disciplines do.

There's an "energy has shape" theme in that the E from Einstein's famous energy equation is fed into the eternal shape mix-master, adding whatever Eulerian topological qualities to this Gibbsian stew (or brew). Translated: energy comes in patterns with their own timeless integrity.