Friday, August 24, 2007

OLPC Videos

I've been sampling the OLPC clips on YouTube and have learned quite a bit, about the Sugar interface, about the difficulty of doing text in Pygame (15:11).

But as I remarked on Synergeo earlier today (35203):
OLPC is a little bit complicated because curriculum vectors are through cyberspace, not hardware per se. The web on an XO looks much the same as the web on anything else. Same Mozilla browser. And so in a lot of ways, doesn't care if it's an XO or a ~XO. We share ~M! either way.
The ~M! meme has to do with our efforts to escape from the "traditional math" vortex, as apparently there's a "no Fuller allowed" rule in there... so why stay?

Escape velocity seems attainable. Going back to the bad old days would be hard.