Saturday, June 04, 2016

STEM Blends

As Patrick roved through the aisles, looking for some esoteric H-bridge for his Arduino, I thought about STEM and workflows.  I know some teachers who complement each other as TM versus SE.  Science and Engineering = electronic hardware at Fry's.  TM = Technology and Mathematics, the computer and the math that controls it.

Later I brought Peter Farrell by the <guild / > to show him the space, at least some of it.  We parked some distance away and wended our way through the International School campus.  He liked what he saw, and is eager to continue sharing our blend, of Pythonic math, in the Bay Area.

Now that I have a full weekend to catch up on some of what I've learned, from QuantumDoug and many others, I find myself plunging into some literature on Clifford Algebra.  They say off hand a computer language might be made from this stuff, and I've found a module in SymPy to look at.

Speaking of Universal Algebra, I'm continuing to circulate the somewhat freakish "caltrop" coordinate system introduced to the Synergetics listserv awhile back by David Chako.  Many of us picked up the ball and ran with it, seeing connections to Synergetics for a shared context.  Just this morning I uploaded to Github, a modified version of the code at my website, newly tested to work with Python 3.x.