Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Legal in Oregon

Legal in Oregon

I threw together another Jupyter Notebook today, really more an advertisement for Oregon's liberal economy, which allows putting a New England Transcendentalist spin on spatial geometry.

I actually store twenty-six points using a non-XYZ coordinate system.  Comparing and contrasting between similar-but-different systems is how we gain insights and competence in their use.

Do other states require a special license or credential to share this material?  Maybe check with your state's Board of Education for more information?

The whole number volumes help streamline the spatial geometry and accelerate comprehension of STEM subjects (PATH too).

What I recommend to math teachers is telling the story of The Tesseract, the Time Machine and the Tetrahedron, three 20th Century lineages in which the "4D" meme has meaning.  Confusing these three may lead to larger confusions later.