Friday, May 15, 2015

Disaster Relief

A long running theme in these blogs, you'll find if you go back, is having edge case communities such as R2DToo and Dignity Village, willingly test pilot shelter solutions in a somewhat Darwinian filtering process.

Not every new tent design or lean to is ready for prime time.  But some are.

Glenn got me thinking, as he had an elegant pan deck solution from his Institute for Integral Design.  Just stacking pan deck might be an interim solution, a replacement for corrogated steel, already a staple.

Not pretty necessarily, but able to protect.  Blue tarps aren't that pretty either one could argue.

Dignity Village, which I've dubbed "EPCOT West", is nearer the airport and is where the big Disaster Relief Honchos (MVP women and men) could get a peak.

R2DToo is right downtown, on Bursnide, and could be the site for the new AFSC office, or one of them, if we play our cards right and stay in the relief business.

Glenn is already seeking out John Driscoll, the Architect in earlier posts, to get some professional renderings.  As for having a prototype at R2DToo, that would depend on finding some sponsors.  We shall see.

Relevant acronyms in this namespace:  XLI = "extremely low income"; XRL = "extreme / remote livingry".  You see XRL at base camp in the Himalayas, state of the art.  XLI usually cannot afford XRL, but then who wants to be that remote anyway?