Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ecovillage Update (Synergeo #33452)

So Project Earthala continues in its early phases. We have a Rose Queen already, one ACF or AFC, Aimeé, hospice nurse and survivor of a plane wreck, like in Lost, but landing right here in Portland, I kid you not. My late wife Dawn helped organize the reunion, including one of the pilots as I recall -- just as traumatic for him.

Tim, if Nick's still around tell him I keep getting the Sprint bill for some frontloaded plan he dabbled with. I just shred 'em -- not my business. The physical equivalent of > dev/null (that's bash shell talk and means "send to trash irretrievably").

Where are the writings? Project Renaissance (pr.html) has been world readable from for a long time now, so it's pretty easy to see what the trajectory has been over more than a decade. Extrapolation becomes easier and more secure, as we see the data points lining up in the rear view mirror (which is no excuse for a bumper sticker on the windshield -- still gotta supervise the road ahead, duh).

And at the Math Forum more recently. If you're gonna live in a JavaDome, best if you know some Java. But when will you find the time? In grade school if lucky, in adult rehab (prison?) if less so.

Either way, it pays to know how to subclass a House (aka dwelling machine) and know how to tweak it to better fit your needs and your tastes. Just staring at the factory-delivered and going "duh....." with no knowledge of how to access it, is like trying to use a cell phone minus any features but dial-send. Speaking of which, I push university think tank types to think about public schools as distro points for more than just free software (per kiosk system in South Africa) but for essentially free hardware as well, like those one laptops per, and those GPS enabled cell phones helping to track lost children.

The buzzword in Portland is XRL: eXtreme Remote Livingry, or simply Extremely Remote Living. That's venturing into the true boonies with only lightweight hardware with an eye to temporary staging followed by removal with no long term environmental impact, except maybe some geocached time capsules (could be tiny). There's no reason to trash the environment simply because we want to immerse ourselves in it and experience it safely (a two way street -- what humans tend to forget in their hubris, thinking it's always about them and them alone (not at Earthala it isn't, Wanderers either)).

So you could envision REI being involved, as we're really talking about camping, our biggest outdoor sport once you include hiking and hunting as subclasses thereof, next maybe to the downhill kinetic sports, which only require day trips and/or hotel stays (e.g. hotel in Hood River and environs, look for B&Bs option, maybe share a Bonneville powered electric ski bus to/from Hood Meadows or Government Camp ski bowl, other destinations).

The missing component, as always, is aerospace, with the cultural divide between hippies and their ecovillages, and hard core engineers, taking over a generation to bridge. The open source movement has been critical in synergizing those two. In retrospect, we're able to see how Bucky's predicted design science decade was catalyzed to occur, with accomplished Fuller Schoolers like Kiyoshi and Jay Baldwin (many others, this isn't hall of fame time) moving in to bridge the C.P. Snow chasm.

I helped rally the philosophy department, in part by putting a Wittgensteinian spin on Synergetics, helping to explain precession thereby, in terms of Fuller's deliberately remote synergetics vocabulary (e.g. fuller.4d vs. coxeter.4d and/or einstein.4d).

Python's implementation of the namespaces idea gives notational form ("dot notation") to this LW notion of "language games" out to "forms of life" (grammars, namespaces).

I also use Python to code (classic Gibbsian vectors, now including Chakovian option) and, a set of Polyhedron subtypes all with hard-coded dimension and volume information per Fuller's concentric hierarchy. This is from whence my implementations of Hypertoons derive, many samples on YouTube and linked from the BFI.

So that's the scene in a nutshell: Portland leverages local sports with traditionally high tourist quotient, to galvanize XRL gear industry, which is also high tech and moving us beyond "mere tents" to something more protective of expensive flatscreens. The dwelling machines are slated for NGO-funded experimental prototype communities of tomorrow, designed by tree hugging engineers. More in the Math Forum and other Project Renaissance literature. And no, I'm not forgetting about the bizmos, GO and NGO recruiting vans, evangelizing in the schools (lots of dog and pony shows, including mine [1]).


[1] doesn't have to mean literally dog and pony, even though I may have easy access to both -- more likely a screencast or mathcast of some kind (like check out my Google Videos).

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