Thursday, November 19, 2009


I twittered this link to a chat about Dr. H. Kroto on the Wikieducator group, clearly a fan club.

A little earlier, I updated peers on math-thinking-l about whassup with the DM track, all that work done this summer.

Over on Wikipedia, I sassed the AFSC posting in the discussion area, finding parts of it "silly".

My daughter wanted some info on fractional exponents, so we did some algebra on that topic, deriving how A to the one half would be 2nd root of A.

In Python:

AFSC emailed this banner ad around, urging a moratorium on misguided military missions in Afghanistan, mostly of benefit to private mercenary groups and warlords, in some cases the same ones terrorizing American civilians, given the global game of weapons and drug trafficking (also human trafficking, stop loss, abductions).