Saturday, November 28, 2009

Galumphing Back

My company surplus went directly to the public sector, so I'm thinking my outward behavior is that of a non-profit. This stands to reason as my wife was a fund accountant and our orientation was always that of showing donors that their funds had been committed to intelligible uses. GST works the same way, treating the sun as our principal donor. LW is likewise talking 501(c)(3) for her business, or some approximation thereof.

I've been anchoring PKL (or Portland Knowledge Lab) ever since my visit to LKL (London's). Sponsors would get behind it, on the model of OSDL, ONAMI or one of those. These could be colleges and universities. Whether we keep running with that or not (I've been busy archiving under that label), there's a need to coordinate, not redundantly channel in a climate somewhat unforgiving of thoughtless waste (way too much of that already).

From Synergeo last night:
I think we've about reached the point where having nothing intelligent to say about Synergetics (beyond trash talkin' and easy dismissal, ala Most Beautiful Molecule) is more risky than sharing coherent views i.e. the ball is in the court of the hitherto mostly-silent, and continued silence could easily backfire. We also have a new generation growing up, less imbued with creaky old Cold Warrior reflexes.

At least in terms of contemporary American history this is pretty much true already i.e. if you try to write recent 1900s intellectual history without taking Fuller into account (i.e. if you simply leave him out of the index) then I think you're admitting to not doing sufficient homework (meritocracy at work). Of course I think it's also true of mathematics, chemistry and architecture as well i.e. "bleeping over bucky" has become too irresponsible to get away with anymore. Too many younger people have too much curiosity to get away with any "sweeping under the rug".
My title for this post is an allusion to Jabberwocky. My mood is one of humility and chagrin as I neglected to follow standard safety procedures and have likely added a permanent one inch scar 'neath my right eye (once it heals). Elise patched me up good with sani-strips in lieu of stitches. This accident occurred in my Castle in the Sky, a small apartment over a garage.