Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uncovered... (movie review)

CIA brass, other experts, come out of the closet to denounce the USA's being "neoconned" into nutty actions in the Persian Gulf region.

Moral: There's a reason you don't want to pester those Langley people, make 'em rethink their positions. Ask 'em questions sure, but don't tell them how to do their jobs. That's their business, not yours (this was Robert Baer on "data mining" -- similar to "stovepiping" in trying to force intelligence to fit the politics).

I checked this out
from Multnomah Friends where it's been kicking around for while (it's from 2003). This isn't news in zip code area 97214 I don't think.

I liked Peter Zimmerman (chief science guy, Senate Foreign Relations) talking about "cartoons". Aluminum tubes... 16 words. Good seeing Bearden again.