Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Explaining Esoterica

from the Wanderers archive (posting by me):


Might help if you had some background about how some celebs and supermodels get snarfed up into esoterica, along with the Queen of England, UFOs, Da Vinci codes, other crazy-making stuff. Think of underground comix. I heard Britney's name a few times at Esozone (Glenn, Don also there, with some folks from Terwilliger Plaza) i.e. it's not just me designing this namespace, although I might be the only Quaker engineer on the project, not sure. Esozone pix: [redacted]

Heidi Klum is another source of fascination among some Robert Anton Wilson fans (not a literature I've kept up on -- only so many newsgroups one can track).

Just think of the X-Files, its popularity among geeks.

Portland's techo-occulture is quite geekified in some ways, is also cosmopolitan e.g. includes some Asian XX-engineer types, also XYs, takes all kinds (Back Space is a hangout
http://www.backspace.bz/index.php, also Cubespace sometimes).