Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quaker Curriculum

Peaceable Kingdom by Edward Hicks
I joined Children's Program 101 at Multnomah this afternoon, run by the head teachers, to learn about the yearly cycle. I introduced myself as "a spy from Bridge City" but of course a lot of folks knew me already and welcomed me as one of their own.

Given October marks a transition from a focus on Quaker testimonies to adjacent traditions in November, I suggested emphasizing Halloween as one of those bridge holidays connecting us to partially overlapping calendars (the Celtic cycle was already mentioned on the handout).

A field trip the The Gold Door off Hawthorne (near Oasis) might be in order? Tibet Spirit would be another good one, and of course The Dollar Scholar across the street (thinking of stocking stuffers).

Friends also seemed receptive to the idea of a field trip to The Grotto closer to Christmas, using the manger scene and Peaceable Kingdom as our bridge to the animal world (the Festival of Lights includes a petting corral). I also mentioned a certain python I knew, that could maybe visit the classroom sometime -- or we could visit the Rose City Reptiles on Division maybe?

I also received permission to replace one of three world projections already on display in one of the classrooms, with a more apolitical Fuller Projection.

I spent most of social hour talking AFSC liaison business with Multnomah's next prospective for that role, plus again met up with the young Pennsylvania crew newly moved to our neighborhood, hyping the nearby Barley Mill as a good place to have beers.

Good seeing Pan's Zoe again, now a student at Lewis & Clark.