Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lunch in Old Town

Dave got me out of my Richmond / Sunnyside orbit to an older section of Portland.

We discussed the ramifications of my coming out as a "Quaker animist" in terms of my practices, of inviting dogs to Wanderers gatherings and/or being openly friendly with a reptile on my webcam.

Given Portland's cosmopolitan culture, these are hardly noticeable eccentricities (like, just read our Willamette Week), but hey, maybe I'm making waves in Peoria or someplace. Alabama? I doubt it.

Anyway, always good having a chat with another krew mate on these matters.

I took along my copy of Ghost in the Shell 2 in hopes of getting scene 10 (Festival) moved to my iPod for personal use.

Dave also yaks about kayaks, took one to Mexico recently.

:: happy birthday dave! ::