Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wanderers 2008.1.16

Today's discussion was one of those vital, free ranging, all topics fair game affairs.

We were all older Caucasoids (by the usual taxonomy) although at one point I came out as Asian with a rhetorical flourish.

Lots of talk about death, friends who'd passed on, near death, birth (one of us was a practicing midwife of sorts), and the fact that Australia leads the world in efficient flush toilet technology.

The tone was generally upbeat although much discouragement and frustration was expressed, with this or that feature of the world.

I was invited to pitch Python, which I did with some gusto. I was late, as usual on Wednesday mornings, so missed seeing Patrick, another busy bee (and new fan of our snake).

Speaking of vital topics, Tara did this beautiful analogy between a cell (the DNA kind) and an ant hill. She actually knows quite a bit about ants from previous research, so her analogy was as much about ants as about cells -- quite detailed in both directions.

I was impressed.

This cell analogy project is a longstanding part of 8th grade culture at Winterhaven. I'd say Tara has adapted to this culture very successfully.

Had to run off to test the new web cam, on a bad hair day (just got it cut (I'm sure it'll grow on me)). Getting back into Skype.