Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wanderers 2007.6.26

The session opened with a geekish challenge. How do we project out the back of a laptop running Ubuntu? Bob McGown was speaking on Celestial Navigation, had brought his slides on CD.

Bill's Dell Inspiron E1505 was on deck. I'd also brought mine, which had just appeared, courtesy of Dell and DHL, while Tara and I were watching The Jerk starring Steve Martin.

So what I didn't see is how it's clearly labeled on the keyboard what to do (Fn-F8). Instead I had Bill chauffeur me back to Harrison Street for the Toshiba (a Bill Gates box). By the time we got back, an Apple PowerBook had eaten the CD.

Bob brought along some example instruments, including an Arab kamal, used for steering camels (which isn't to say Arabs didn't also put to sea).

I'm posting from my own new E1505 by the way. The wireless is workin' great and I've got Beryl running, meaning a rotating cube between desktops and wriggling windows (fun eye candy).

Bob is talking about Ali Baba or at least that's the name on his slide. Let's see if I can snap a photo and upload it through my USB 2.0 XD camera card reader. Yep, no problem (a bit blurry, cuz I turned off the flash, didn't use compensation).

Here's one with a flash:

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