Friday, November 10, 2006

Back to the Silicon Forest

:: bud's house ::
I'm high tailing it back to the stormy Pacific Northwest, having chauffered family to/from Bud's southeast of Orlando, leaving Dawn, Tara and Alexia to enjoy a couple more days of fun in the sun. I have a class to teach tomorrow morning, part four of a five part Pythonic Mathematics for Saturday Academy, so no Shamu for me this trip. S'OK.

Bud, aka Arthur Dix, contracted polio while in the military, made captain in the Civil Air Patrol in the 1940s, then made a career with Eastern Airlines in operations. Bud married Dawn's mom Glenys after she divorced Don and moved with her kids, Dawn and Sam, to Satellite Beach. Carla, the youngest, stayed with her dad.

They started building a new house together, which was left partially unfinished after Glenys died unexpectedly from what should have been a routine hospital procedure. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of her death.

Bud has two loving daughters by a previous marriage who live nearby and help him with the complications of old age. We all gathered for take out pizza last night.

My thanks to Continental Airlines, Alamo, UPS and Providence Home Services for helping to make this trip possible.

:: impala ::