Monday, September 18, 2006

A Quick Account

I sampled the gym today, running in place for just 30 minutes, then whipped through a Trader Joe's in time to drop off the frozen goods (including salmon for dinner) before heading on down Division.

The new Coxeter bio arrived from Amazon, and I looked in the index for Fuller overlaps. No mention of Applewhite (part of the fullerene story). I found some juicy bits though, which I read after watching some Lost with Tara.

I can't really fault the author (to whom I apologize for earlier referring to as "he") for steering clear of Synergetics, as this is a book about H.S.M. Coxeter and his geometry, not about Bucky Fuller's philosophy, although Ludwig Wittgenstein is mentioned, even depicted (pg. 107).

Wittgenstein thought mathematicians didn't usually make strong philosophers -- true of his student Coxeter (whom he liked, plus used his room for meetings) but so what? He was a true King of Geometry and ain't that plenty?