Thursday, September 14, 2006

Merging Traffic Patterns

The painters are back, doing a smart job. We're operating on schedule.

Mom's United flight from O'Hare was late, but lets face it, this many people flying around the world is a dream come true as well, a case where futurism paid off. You'll see Amish on Catalina (I did, visiting from a cruise ship), and isn't that a blessed thing. Mom's trip originated in London. Now she's back in her office, joining in conference calls.

I drove out to PDX to retrieve her. Our curved IVM archway, protecting us from the rain while suspending two bridges, is an engineering marvel. Speaking of which (rain), that's what it's doing right now (raining). And yet the painters don't care. They like living in a rainforest (our SiliconForest is one of those too).

Dawn uses the iPod to listen to dharma talks, meaning I get to lurk in from time to time. I also have Dyxy Chyx Not Ready to Make Nice music video (a strong performance) and EBN's EBCS, now a Google Video in low rez.