Saturday, August 05, 2006


Before our detractors get ahold of it, and say it sneeringly, lets add a Mickey Mouse Club spin and be happy for our growing ranks of Buckaneers and Buckaneer wannabes.

"Good morning boyz & girlz, and now let's see what new toyz we might share with you today" (yes, I know you're sick and tired of killer rockets, bombs in cars, but take heart: this is a livingry show).

"Buckaneer" is an alternative to "Fullerite," "Buckyophile," "Fuller devotee" and/or "disciple" (said with curled lip). Kiyoshi came back with "Adjuvant," which surprised people (hey, the guy was a genius, what can I say?).

The good thing about "Buckaneer" is it has the right light-hearted piratical flavor, complete with the informality you'd expect among swashbucklers of either sex (although he liked to be called Captain, even Admiral, I don't deny it).

It also rhymes with "engineer" (a design science connotation) and "bioneer" (a bridge to the biological sciences)).