Thursday, January 05, 2017

Get Baked Portland!

Get Baked PDX

People my age start checking for signs. I remember when Mary Bolton was so disheartened when signing her check Mary Butter at the checkout lane, when buying some.  Hey, we all make mistakes.

Still, I was worried when Deke the Geek kept telling me about this Bizmo in the middle of our local supermarket, and I kept going there, in a trance no doubt, and not seeing it.

So today I made a special point of looking it up.  Franz was important in my childhood, before I left for Italy.  Our Markham elementary school, it had to have been, did a field trip.  A real bread factory.  Impressive.

I've always enjoyed seeing things being made.  Kim Jong Un must really enjoy all those tours he gets, of factories, as a part of his job.

I went on some tours of Chinese factories in the 1970s, during the Four Modernizations.  We were looked up to, as a tour group, as a possible source of ideas.  Mostly high school teachers, from the bases, with me and Glenn Baker tagging along as diplomatic corps (expat brats).

I bought a loaf on the spot, in recognition of the company's acumen as much as anything.  Of course it's a hippie bus.  No reason to go overboard and go all Vortex.  Grateful Dead bread sells itself.

Meanwhile, back at Starbucks, Deke the Geek was catching up on Adweek. We did a mini-photo-shoot right there and then.

Age of Aquarius

Bakery Bus