Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Growing Bone

While we're on the topic of economics, let's talk more about the "artificial person" known as the 501(c)(3) or whatever statute (template, boilerplate). The goal would not be to gradually massage an obsolete API, but to start fresh from scratch, do it in FOSS with a GUI, and put that on the map as a new way to do business. Just boot up and go (of course your people already need to know what they're doing, but this will make bookkeeping so much more a dream job).

I've written about this a lot in these blogs in connection with medical practices. Doctors don't necessarily like eyeballing finances in the form of dreary spreadsheets, but could get used to a more cockpit like instrument panel, or pick your skin (Chinese apothecary?). Think Uru.

In Model View Controller (MVC), we don't tightly couple, such that Visualizations (and/or sonifications etc.) might develop by leaps and bounds even where our Model (rule bundle) stays the same.

Some would sneer these were "merely cosmetic" changes (as if a "makeover" were always something to be snide about). However, if a Model then matures, has a growth spirt, then all this new work on Visualizations will have paid off even more handsomely.

Evolution in the Controller is likewise orthogonal in the sense that the implementation version (of Python for example) might simply speed up, both at runtime and design time (thanks to all the newly approved PEPs and/or improvements in the VMs).

What I'm suggesting, in layman's terms, is to craft new public-private APIs as open source software that will spread the new standards. This would be how to revamp the tax code for example. You don't tweak the existing forms, you define a new kind of enterprise with QA stamps of approval, and have it prototype (pilot) these new ways of filing, reporting, submitting revenues for collective investment (however those are packaged and funneled).