Thursday, December 24, 2009

Avatar (movie review)

U.S. Army versus Native Americans ("shock and awe") with allusions to Cameron's other films (Sigourney Weaver).

Teachings in empathy: the hero goes back and forth between the warring camps, drawn by the two sides of his nature. Both subcultures have their integrity, except the first one (the sky people) are coming from a dying world (one they killed), are in search of unobtainium.

Of interest was the national guard recruiting commercial in the front matter. Taking leadership roles, demonstrating mastery over technology, demonstrating courage, assisting people in need, these are values shared across the political spectrum.

Quality national guard logistics in America, assisting Americans in need, could be a good thing, unless we're talking about prisons, herding people into camps. Allowing them to get deployed overseas on the other hand, along with other strongest and bravest, might result in a story line more like the main feature's.

What does serving one's country really mean? That's actually a real question, not just for other people to think about.

Back to the main feature: the warrior protagonist soon surpasses his indigenous teachers in a few special skills (rides the red one), becomes a leader, wins (loses, wins again) the love of the chief's daughter. Shades of Tarzan, Pocahontas etc.

Congratulations to WETA of New Zealand (King Kong, Lord of the Rings) for creating a fantastic computer-generated 3D world.

My thanks to the Lott family for inviting Tara and myself to this 3D movie, buying us tickets.