Monday, November 16, 2009

Martian Math

:: honeycomb of Rites (a kind of Syte) ::
by Claudio Rocchini
GNU Free Documentation License

What might count originally as a turn-off -- the unfamiliarity of some given material -- might be made into a turn-on instead; "a feature not a bug" as we say in the industry.

By making it Martian (the mathematics we're providing), we get to underscore its alien-seeming attributes, such as its tetrahedral units of volume.

The nomenclature of Mites, Sytes and Kites, already developed, is handsomely documented with no serious ambiguities, so it's not a matter of redoing everything from scratch.

Nor has the marketing moniker "gnu math" been abandoned, at least not by me.

We've also tried a more Korean angle.

In bringing in the ET spin, I'm clearly feeding the science fiction writers' market.

Our competitors would likely have this space-age geometry, perhaps did in Contact already.

Or (alternatively, additionally) we could simply project a future human technology, suitable for Mars, already making waves in the early 21st century. Having geodesic structures on Mars would make plenty of sense, plus we already have that sphere packing landing.

So that'd be Martian Math in yet another sense (advanced human vs. ET).