Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy Busy

I just got off the phone with someone at Yale (she called me), having placed my OS Bridge proposal in the hopper. We're looking to attract an out of town audience.

Dr. Nick scoured Powell's Books on Hawthorne last night and came up with Walking With Nobby as an ultra-cool find (I promptly bought it, so he could peruse as my guest, leave it for me). Nobby is the late Norman O. Brown, author of a kind of aphoristic glue language important in my formative years, helped tilt me towards Princeton philosophy, Dr. Kaufmann etc. Later, E.J. Applewhite showed me where he'd added Love's Body to his Georgetown apartment collection. NOB has links to Wittgenstein too.

Razz, my "welcome wagon" (for chauffering guests around Portland), is overdue for some maintenance. I'll take her out to Dick Hannah if my earmarks get through. You'd think we'd be further along by now, but big wheels turn slowly.

I was late to Oversight tonight, glad Maye thought to call me. I'm somewhat distracted. Dr. Nick is on his way, drove him to Union Station this afternoon. I'll start reading that book now.