Friday, January 30, 2009

Ghost Zomes

:: skeletal view ::

:: solidified view ::
D. Koski has been obliging me with better visuals of his "ghost hexahedra", newly present in his modular dissections thanks to some new numeric rules he's exploring, seeing what happens if he follows them. He updates the core Poly list used by geometers i.e. this isn't an exclusive to BizMo Diaries (not a scoop).

A ghost hexahedron is like a stick figure pressed flat. Three faces end up on either side of a flat surface. For example, the great rhombicosidodecahedron (aka "great rambo head") contains decagonal faces and these flat Penrosey zomes manage to tile them. I'm showing the fats above, but we also have thins.

Speaking of scoops, I'm still milking the 7.5 : 5 triacontahedron discovery, their phi/sqrt(2) radial ratio. I like this discovery because (a) it's expressed in tetravolumes, still a novel concept in some university departments and (b) because authors not citing our Coffee Shops Network as a source may be suspect (so a good way to trace the phonies maybe?) and (c) there's the rhombic dodecahedron tie-in, even better for marketing.

CSN is a source
of a lot of contemporary geometry. We move this information straight from philosophical sources (like on Youtube) to our customers' LCDs (like on laptops), providing cool open source marketing concepts they might use on the job, especially if not taking the "winning through intimidation" Exxon Math approach (obnoxious and closed source).