Monday, February 07, 2005

Hotel Rwanda (movie review)

This was a powerful film. I left in a daze, leaving my OSCON bag at my seat, full of library books. The ticket taker was sympathethic when I went back for it.

For the rest, I'll just cut and paste what I posted to Quaker-P (some listserv I subscribe to off and on).

> Dear Friends,
> I am also planning to see the film, Hotel Rwanda,
> although with some trepidation.

I just saw it. Some Belgians suckered the Africans into believing in this distinction between Hutu and Tutsi, even though it made no sense. A lot of senseless killing ensued.

I'll ask the same thing I asked David Niyonzima -- why not throw away these silly identifications and create a new ethnicity called "Hutsi" to which everyone belongs. Of coures it'd be arbitrary and silly -- just like before.

Certainly those American satellites can't tell the difference -- and never will. Senseless killing they see, and record, no matter who does it (lets just say they're all Americans and be done with the senseless divisions, how 'bout it?).

I went to the social security administration today, to get a replacement card. Against my better judgment, I checked the "white (not hispanic)" box on the SS-5 (I figured it'd raise fewer eyebrows at the desk -- I'm at the mercy of those bureaucrats).

But of course I'm Asian to the core (duh). Or maybe Native American.

PSU (a local school that pays me the big bucks) had a more enlightened form: I checked the "declined to identify" box. That was the least confusing.