Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saraff the Savior

While many of my compatriots aggressively pursued happiness over this summer weekend before July 4th, as is their freedom (we're signed up for jet boats tomorrow), I felt privileged to join the more inwardly turned company of Felipe Gonzalez this afternoon, a recently deceased rapper and activist, still this mischievous little kid around the edges. He died at 22, a passenger in a car crash.

I didn't know Felipe well, more his dad, Martin, an AFSC veteran and coworker.

I experienced pride in my heritage in that room, including Mayan -- whomever built those pyramids in the video. The American experience is one of surreal beauty.

Felipe was lucky to draw such a dad from the card deck of life. No wonder he was such a font of pure love in so many lives. He knew to be grateful, as we are grateful to him. Live on, brother.