Saturday, June 23, 2007

Family Haps

We enjoyed a great solstice celebration with Jane & Dave, at an outside table at The Bagdad -- a little chilly, so Dave kindly shared his man-sized pilot's jacket with Tara.

Both he and Jane had seen Body Worlds 3 recently (but on separate tours), as had Tara and I earlier, so this was a big topic, along with what to order (cajun fries, big and little pizzas, salads, Hammerhead for me, wine for Jane, root beer for Dave).

Barton and I had succulent sushi the other day, after which I met up with Glenn, another Wanderer, by coincidence, and introduced him to Trevor over at Horse Brass Pub on Belmont, not far from Movie Madness.

Horse Brass seemed an appropriate venue, given Trevor's studies of Walford et al, plus I needed to retrieve Tinkerbell from the bike shop nearby.

A day or two before, Glenn also joined me for the first half of my meetup with dear David & Patricia, flitting about town on business (normally they're in New York) and soon to be heading for Crater Lake. Chris and Larry are out of town for Amanda's wedding.

Mom is enjoying her 60th high school reunion, the first she's been able to attend. She's Class of 1947, Garfield High in Seattle, the same high school Jimi Hendrix attended (something I learned from Paul Allen's museum).