Friday, December 04, 2020

Refugee City

The Economic Refugee Zone that I've focused on in these blogs (see sidebar for blog list) is taking shape here in Portland, out by the airport (PDX), as I've detailed in EPCOT West.

As of today, here in Plague Times (covid-19) we've seen no action by "powers that be" to enact any of the EPCOT West scenario planning.  We have no real "powers" at the moment, only baronies, like the Water Bureau.

The vista is pretty bleak at the moment.  For PR purposes, all we can do now is keep the images flowing, letting the world know you don't want Americans backseat driving your development plans. 

We've got major PR firms on top of it I'm sure.  Don't look at me.  Check my Asylum City playlist.  I'm the guy who saw it coming.