Thursday, October 15, 2020

Moving Targets

Tram to OHSU

I'm experimenting with high bandwidth self brainwashing techniques by tackling a series of difficult topics, but not ones for which I need a huge amount of prep.  MIT chemistry, with a focus on orbitals, was a good starting point, given the Linus Pauling House is such a topic (search these blogs?). 

But my resume shows I'm more an applications developer than a chemist.  Instead of chemical reactions, or nuclear reactors, shouldn't I be grokking React?  You read my mind.

However React hasn't been just sitting pretty, nor has Vue.  Both these Javascript frameworks, favored by Web developers, have their successive versions.  Hence the title of this blog post: moving targets.

Where to jump in?  

In high bandwidth brainwashing, our approach is not so linear.  Get a lot of dots on the sphere, even as you connect them.  We can think about the "best sequence" on a second or third pass.

PDX Code Guild was using JQuery when I started visiting.  By now they're using Vue, with a Django back end (another moving target).  Newbies should do well starting with Vue3, if jumping into web development through a Code School.