Monday, June 08, 2020

My Parents' Perspective | 親からの観点 (movie review)

I'm calling these clips "movies" whether they conform to the cinematic definition or not.  They move. This is my first Youtube review labeled as a movie review, which is why I'm bringing it up.

The storytelling here is superb in that her parents get interviewed while Tiffany interpolates her comments, tying everything together efficiently and compactly in ways a longer winded documentary could never accomplish.  As both director and narrator, Tiffany takes a highly responsible role, contributing to the effectiveness of her communications.

Lots is going on here, in terms of flashbacks and camera angles.  Autobiography with a complex subject at its best.

I came to Tiffany's channel from researching a few others, on the topic of Americans of dark skin tone living in various parts of Asia.

Here's my (highlighted) comment on the Youtube itself:
kirby urner
3 days ago 
Brilliant interview thank you. I'm stuck in English for the most part (the language) but grew up around the world (not missionary, not military) and empathize with these fun new identities we're getting, a privilege and good for getting people unstuck in their assumptions.