Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Quaker Journal

A journal used to be a diary, which maybe, one thought, might be discovered and published.  Many Quaker journals did see the light of day in that way.

Once blogging was invented, and world readable text, I'd say the practice changed a bit.  More people could see the point of journaling.  But what was the point?  Advertising?  When what you write is potentially public, that changes the rules a little.

But maybe not by much.  A diary or journal has another function, more Jungian, which is to process or work through, something language seems to be for in general.  Some of us just need to write, and the journal format, nay blog, seems like something we prayed for.  Why be ungrateful then?

The technology keeps shifting though.  I've used a Flash widget programmed in Shockwave to share slides, but I gather that's something 3rd party.  The browsers are phasing out Flash.  Will I convert everything to another format?  Or let it go?  I converted Xmas 2013 tonight, just to assure myself there's a process.

Taking pictures has been another part of holding it together for me.  My way of creating some syntropy in the face of entropy.  But is it that my pictures really matter that much?  An opportunity was afforded me to enjoy them while they lasted, and share some while I could.

Now I'm thinking of the whole Peter Janney story.  What might be found of interest?  James Jesus Angleton apparently had the same question, according to sources, poking around Mary's studio soon after her murder.