Thursday, February 06, 2020

Changing a Lightbulb

Changing the headlamp of a car is not supposed to be difficult.  It's a consumer vehicle.  Simple repairs, like changing a light bulb, don't require a mechanic.

That was my experience today, though it wasn't the headlamp, but the front turn signal, underneath. I knew that, but tackled the wrong bulb in any case.

But then it looked like it might've needed changing.

I rationalized the two trips to O'Reilly auto parts (not be be confused with the O'Reilly School I used to work at).

Earlier in the day, Flickr was down and my Youtube was a lot about that, figuring out it wasn't "just me".  Then service was restored and I was back to taking it for granted.  By the end  of the day, I'd decided to give up on that Youtube.  No longer relevant enough to be worth all the post production.

I made it to El Mercado, where I went with Dr. D. for Solar New Years.  Last night, a went to Laurelhurst and saw Knives Out with Dr. T., but I've not reviewed it yet.

Yesterday I tested out the collision detection exhibit I yakked about in the Youtube from a day earlier.  I'll likely use it again tomorrow as the curriculum is pretty much the same across the two zones (regional and anywhere).