Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A Dream Deferred

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However, I’m thinking of a delay you may not be: the postponement of “smart” houses (I’m putting off a definition). Instead, the Big Promise has been “driverless cars” (aka “people movers” if you lived through the 1970s).

The autonomous vehicle fantasies have eclipsed the next generation of Florida mobile home.
If a hurricane hits, Uncle Sam might have a FEMA trailer for you, but R&D halted on better shelter technologies, except in the area of high end camping (an outdoor sport).

You may be wondering when “smart houses” were ever a dominant fantasy, in which case I’ll point you first to the DDU (Dymaxion Deployment Unit), admittedly obscure, and then to the first true Dymaxion House, which hung from a utility mast but didn’t sway in the wind.