Saturday, July 21, 2018

Back to School

I've been hard at work teaching code school stuff all summer, so it's not "back to school" for me.  I never left.  However, that's part of the summer retail cycle:  back to school stuff appears on the shelves in late July.  Some kids get nervous, as the mortality of their summertime carefree self begins to see shadows.

That documentary about John James Audobon I saw at Glenn's made a lasting impression.  Back in the day I was casting Portland as "Toon Town" where we'd lap up screen content, produce it, critique it.  That happened for me.  The documentaries have been pouring in.  Lindsey used to snag them at Laughing Horse, but even then I was already into them.

Audobon shot tons of birds (literally) to get them just right in his giant colored etching recordings.  He was reminding us of what was about to go away in many cases.  People ask if the climate has been changed by humans, when it used to feature hours-long migrations of billions of passenger pigeons.  All gone.

I was planning to yak about Emoji, now included within Unicode.  When back in school, will you be learning about ASCII and UTF-8?  Is this a code school?  Or might this be a school about music?  Or both?  Computing and music have an intimate relationship.

I'm thinking of a numpy array of emoji in some Google Colab notebook, or maybe on a Github Jupyter Notebook.