Sunday, February 19, 2017

Keep on Truckin'

Quaker Business

Lots of truckers share advice and stories on Youtube.

That gives me an opportunity to ask directly, and respectfully, if they'd have any interest in driving overseas, as a part of a truck driver focused student exchange service.

I've already gotten a green light from academia to pursue such interests, but really I need truckers themselves, along with transportation engineers, to be more aware of their options.

Market research...  Focus groups... Does Google maps have the overlays we need?  What other map services will we need, to keep out Kabul-to-Istanbul lanes flowing smoothly?

Freeways Layer : Global Matrix

Trucking as currently designed allows precious little time for tourism.  It's dock-to-dock, through the dirty side of most cities.  Many people treat truck drivers rather poorly.  That's where the academics come in:  drivers get a full-blown work-study program.  Our curriculum is about more than moving freight.  Lets think about families.