Thursday, September 22, 2016

Russian Novel (interlude)

Excerpts from QuakerQuaker set to Game World tableaus from QuarterWorld...

I was hoping that hearing the truth of these people's words, despite their theological convictions/or-lack-of -- would serve to alert those Friends still watching this site to how sadly captive their minds have become to corporate (and governmental) manipulations & outright distortions of what's going on, how the system functions, why and how the best of us are striving desperately (seeing no hope of significant mitigation within that system) to replace its dysfunctions with social arrangements more sane and humane.
Suburbia Land

Translation: you're trying to reach the walking dead, affluenza victims mostly, suburbia-land or whatever. Hah, I gave up talking to them ages ago. Triage man. Oh well... back to work. They're making a video of my 15 minutes (actually 30) in Texas (Austin), which I'll post to QQ when I get a link (but not on one of your threads as "self promotion" is a big no-no for the bored guy). 
Cirqus Voltaire

Kirby, you should be talking to Prince Andrei, the character quoting Voltaire in your War & Peace excerpt. He was the one bored with Goethe (& poetry in general). I myself merely find some exchanges more rewarding than others...
<< snip >>
I don't see any 'overhaul' going on, certainly not down where the rubber meets the no-account people it runs over.

By "overhaul" I didn't mean to imply "for the better". That remains to be seen. Could be that given smartphones and driverless cars, humans will only need very small brains in much tinier heads, and Zika is on the job. Planet of the Apes is not a pretty place. I wasn't promising any rose gardens or anything.