Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wrap Up

I've known Sara since Gathering of Western Young Friends days and followed her trek into Landmark, with which she's been active for quite awhile by now.

In the dinner line I suggested she refer to me as her "est vet Friend" in Landmark circles.  "I'm like the Viet Vet who can't quite remember to say Ho Chi Minh City and keeps saying Saigon" I explained, meaning I continued using the word est to refer to Landmark stuff sometimes.

Carol (mom) has a hard time specifically remembering when Jack (dad) did the est Training in Washington DC.  "He did a lot of things" she says.  We were living behind the Capitol building, not off DuPont Circle like that other time.  Lon Golnick was dad's second weekend trainer.  That was the summer Bucky died.  I got the news when we were heading to Friends General Conference (FGC).

Mom's not remembering dad's doing est came up at dinner last night, as she overheard Sara and I yakking about Landmark.  My two trainers were Ron Browning and Charlene Afermow (the training lasted over two consecutive weekends, for which different trainers were deployed).

I was reaching a peak around my est activism in those days, picking up on some urgency from Bucky Fuller and elsewhere.  I was return-addressing my envelopes from Erhard's San Francisco office, earning me a phone call from his lawyer who told me to cut it out.  We'd had friendly correspondence too though, that office and I, so chalk it up to stormy times.

Applewhite was uber-suspicious of est when we first met.  Our friendship was far from a done deal at the outset, despite my evident fascination with Synergetics.  We had our ups and downs, as I reminded him the last time I came to his apartment.  "You can abbreviate all that" he said, meaning no need to draw it out into some long story or soap opera.

He was then in the process of shipping off collected papers to the Standford Archive and wondered what of mine I might want to hold back.  I kept most of a file labeled "Quirky" (my writings range from the quirky to the whimsical a lot).  That would have been in 2004.

Another issue between me 'n Ed was I'd at one point lept to the erroneous conclusion, based on a "close" reading of Cosmic Fishing, that "E. J. Applewhite" was one of Fuller's pseudonyms and was a clever allusion to what a human brain looks like when sliced.

Fuller has a strong mind / brain distinction running through his works and I thought it clever he gave his brain a pseudonym and had it doing all the filing and other mechanical grunt work to get Cosmic Fishing published, not to mention really  solo-authoring Synergetics.  One could see where Ed might not be amused by my error, which earned me some mocking down the road.

Anyway, Sara ducked out of Annual Session to keep current with one of her Landmark activities, which she was able to do in Spokane (she had been doing them in Portland).  Whitworth U is just outside Spokane's city limits (right?), as I discovered wandering around in the car, looking for a Wal*Mart.

The Nikon Coolpix Melody gave me to tide me over while the Fujifilm XQ-1 is fixed (actually "replaced" is the latest word from Camera World -- under warranty) has the older Compact Flash memory cards.  I'd been to two Fred Meyer's and not found a reader, but then the electronics sections of the various branch stores carry much the same inventory, so saying "two" was over-dramatizing the situation.

Wal*Mart, with a somewhat larger inventory, had a SunPack multi-format card reader that did the trick, resulting in my being able to read the card(s) and share a few pix to Flickr, where I created an album for NPYM 2015 (embedded above).  Wal*Mart saved my bacon in Richmond, IN that time as well, after the cleaning crew locked away all my charging devices.

I yakked with Larry at breakfast this morning.  He came by Alaska Airlines.  He's a licensed pilot himself, but renting an airplane is not a small cost.  A plan to have someone to fly out with him and return the airplane to Portland that same day did not pan out.  Chris met him at the airport and they went geo-caching on the way back to Whitworth U, a sport akin to treasure hunting and involving GPS devices and a loose community of peer players.
Card Reader @ Wal*Mart